Monday, November 19, 2007


Today we finally completed our living room with a fine futon frame.

In our move we somehow lost 2 pieces of wood that connects our old futon together so for the last 3 weeks we have just been sitting on the futon mattress. Thanks to my favorite website craigslist we were able to buy a nice futon frame. Its not as nice as our old one but at least we have something more than a mattress on the floor to sit on.

For dinner I made a nice potato and onion frittata with a bell pepper saute courtesy of a Martha Stewart Everyday Food Recipe. Yum Yum. IT was my first time making a frittata-it was super easy, healthy and as I mentioned yummy!

Finally, we went and saw Beowulf. I absolutely hated it. It was a horrible adaptation that changed the story so much it was almost unrecognizable. They tried to make it more modern by adding a sexy Angelia Jolie to the mix..
granted the way the movie was made did have its interesting points. It was digital which was cool sometimes but a little cheesey at other times. Like when Grendal was killing people and blood was everywhere I couldn't even cringe (and normally I would) because it would be like cringing watching a video game.

It is interesting that the story of Beowulf has been around since the 10th century and you would think that Hollywood would understand that something that has survived that long doesn't need a screenwriter messing with it...Neil Gaiman should be ashamed of himself. Anyway, wikipedia has some basic info on Beowulf. Read Here.

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Kari said...

Glad to hear you got the futon frame up and running. Too bad that the Beowulf movie wasn't so hot - what did J think of it?