Saturday, September 8, 2007

hello from Paris

hello from Paris....

Im at an internet cafe in the town of versailles and we just finished touring the was so amazing the gardens are so huge. in fact they are so big that you can rent a golf cart, J and I opted to rent bikes and pedal our way through, it was a nice afternoon; a little warm but nice.

Im typing on an European keyboard qnd i keep making lots of mistakes and i an typing veeeerrrrrry slow b/c the letters are all rearranged.....n is where m should be and q is where a should be.....its a challeneged.

tomorrow we leave France and head to Gimmelwald, Switzerland for rest and the alps...since there isnt too much to do ill have more time to update the blog and tell you all about Paris.


Shelly said...

I'm finally here!!..It's Saturday and I'm just getting things set up so I can start enjoying the trip and especially
"the commentary"!!

Kari said...

Your trip sounds awesome - can't wait to see all the photos. Enjoy the Alps!!

Amy said...

Did you like the hall of mirrors? I am so glad you are enjoying Paris.. did you try pan au chocolate????