Tuesday, September 4, 2007

London Day 2

On our 2nd day in London we wake up late b/c we didn't set our little travel alarm properly..when it was supposed to be A.M. it was set to P.M. WHOOPS! but luckly the street noise woke us up...

so we headed to Westminster Abbey. It was my 2nd time and J's 1st but it was still very cool to see again and have a refresher in history.

Westminster Abbey is a very pretty church and the site of royal coronations and burials since 1066. (google it for pictures of the inside b/c photos are not allowed)

Then we went to the Tower of London, which I didn't get to go to b/c the last time I was in London,I was sick and missed this trip.

The Tower was cool to see BUT since i'm not really into military history it was a little boring but J did love it.
The best part of the Tower is seeing the crown jewels. The crown of the Queen Mother, Queen Victoria's small diamond crown and theImperial State Crown is kept there. Its worth a google to see these jewels if you never have. Sorry, no pics allowed in the Crown Jewel Room.

The most exciting part of London is that the Tube is on strike so we have to use the bus system which isn't too bad except that since the tube is on strike and none of it is running everyone is using the buses which makes it really packed. Also, when using the buses you don't avoid rush hours and London traffic is insane!!!

London is fun but we are ready to move onto the next city which is Paris.

I'm at an internet cafe so I can't post pics but once I get a chance I'll post some!


Rich Vos said...

Have fun in Paris! Don't forget the pan au chocalat! So yummy!!!!

Lori said...

How exciting to be in Europe! Have lots of fun and keep the commentary coming! We love you!

Amy said...

Pam called tonite and she and J are doing very well. They spent the day in Paris and really like it. So far people have been very friendly and helpful. She is headed to Versailles next (just outside of Paris) and had dinner near the Eiffel Tower. Just an update since they haven't had an opportunity to post. Oh, and they also say "hello"!