Sunday, July 22, 2007

Yellowstone Update


Yellowstone is HUGE- is the size of Rhode Island and Delaware put together.

For Example: Today in order to see the West side of the park J and I have to drive round trip 200 miles!!!!!

Its a lot of driving but its so much fun!

I don't have Internet at the ranch b/c we are in the middle of a forest but tomorrow we leave for the Grand Tetons and at our Hotel there we have Wi-Fi and I will post a ton of pictures (b/c I have many pictures and many stories to tell!!!)

Check back tomorrow and I promise you won't be disappointed...

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Toni said...

Hello Pamela & Jason, I just read about the bugs! Yuck!!! That's awful. It's a good thing you noticed them or you'd be covered with bites. I've heard stories about them, but never knew anyone who had an encounter. Double Yuck!! I can't wait for your good news. Keep me posted, Love Ya!