Monday, July 23, 2007

Emergency Evucation from Lodge Room Due to Bugs in the Bed


just a quick update to let you know that J and I had to leave the Elephant Lodge at midnight due to bugs in the bed.

This is what happened...

I was just minding my own business writing in my travel journal when I felt something crawling on my arm and I look down and its this weird little knat-looking bug so I kill it and keep writing..

a couple minutes later it happens again I get out of bed and I tell J that I think that there are bugs in the bed.

J thinks I'm overreacting and we take off the blankets and sheets- there are a lot of these little guys, some alive and some dead. J tries to tell me that there are just a few bugs in the bed and I shouldn't freak out. He starts to kill these weirdo bugs with tissues... as the numbers multiple and J's tissue solution doesn't work I say, WE HAVE GOTS TO GO....
J agrees to leave b/c he realizes that the bugs are out of control.

the main problem is that lodge does not have 24 hour guest service or an emergency number so the only thing that we can do is leave.

so we drive 1 hour to the closest city and here we are at 1:42 in the morning just settling in for bed. (after close inspection of our clothes and hair we are bug free!)

we left a message for the inn keeper to call us back and I will update you as the situation continues.....

goodnight and don't let the bed bugs bite.


pamela said...

spelling correction:
knats should be gnats!

Amy said...


That is serious! Did you take pictures of it to show the management?! I would except no less than a full refund! Also, did they look like apple seeds? 'Cause if they did, they were bed bugs and bed bugs will live in your clothes, so I'd high-tail it to the nearest laundry mat and wash everything. Otherwise, they will infest everything you own, whether it was in the lodge or not. I know someone who had a bed bug situation and it is aweful! I am sooo sorry for you!!!

On a happier note, love the pictures, did you take one of Old Faithful? I'd love to see it! Where are you off to next?! Have fun! Happy almost bday J!!

Kari said...

Eek - bed bugs! (Amy, I love that your comment includes such practical advice!) Glad you got away from the crazy wild west bugs and you're keepin' on keepin' on. Can't wait to see what's next on your journey!

Shelly said...

Yeah, those bed bugs are hitting the news bigtime!! But I'm still enjoying the commentary and pictures!!