Monday, July 23, 2007

Day 1 Yellowstone (7/20)

We arrived in Yellowstone via Cody around 4pm and check into our lodge.
The lodge is Elephant Head Lodge which wasn't exactly what we thought it would be. The lodge is nice but its more
of a place that you come and don't leave but since J and I wanted to spend most our time in the park the lodge's
remote location didn't really comply to that idea. (Plus, on a whiny note the lodge didn't have A/c and the air is
super dry so i'm stopped up =(

J and I went out at about 5pm to venture into Yellowstone to finally experience what its all about.
We enter at the East Entrance to find that the road is being repaired and that there will be a 30 minute delay so
we roll down the windows, turn off the cars and start looking at the maps!

We made it up to the Fishing Bridge and turned around to head back to the lodge for dinner. On our way back we
encounter 2 bisons walking in the road and have to put the car in park until the move past us. It was very
crazy/scary with these two enormous bison walking on either side of the car, one of them was totally giving me the
stare down so I just looked straight ahead- I don't want any trouble!

After I take a quick shower, we bop on down to the lodge to have dinner. I have the trout (my first trout experience) and
it was mighty tasty, I would recommend it. J had an enormous Ribeye steak was at least 1 pound of pure beef.

After that J and I went into the lodge lounge and enjoyed some adult beverages.

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