Monday, July 23, 2007

Day 2 Yellowstone (7/21)

We wake up after a rough night sleep (the air is super dry) and head on down the road to Pahaska Tepee Resort to
their Lodgepole Room, which serves up some yummy, cheap grub. I had a grilled cheese while J enjoyed a
Club Sandwich.

After brunch we head on into the park.

Today's goal was to explore the North side of the park.

our route was East Entrance to Lake to Canyon Village to Norris to Mammoth Hot Spring to the city of Gardiner
to Tower/ Roosevelt back down to Canyon Village and then to the Lake and then exit at the East Entrance.
This Route was over 200 miles.

Lake to Canyon Village ( 22 miles)

This portion of Yellowstone is where you can see the Mud Volcano. The Mud Volcano is "acidic hot springs have
reduced the underlying lava rock to a fine clay, producing a variety of boiling mud pools, mud pots, and mud volcanoes"

We walked along the boardwalk that displayed the best of these mud creations. The smells of these mud pots smells
like rotten eggs so our trip around the boardwalk was pretty quick!

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