Monday, July 23, 2007

Day 2: Canyon Village

Canyon Village is where The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone is located. It is a very popular spot but what J and
learned is that if you are willing to walk a little bit off the beaten path you can have wonderful views to yourself.

Canyon Vilage to Norris (12 miles)
Nothing much in Norris-moving on....

Norris to Mammoth Hot Springs (22 miles)
The drive up to Mammoth Hot Springs was very pretty and if we had more time I would of love to have taken my time
and enjoy it but we had places to go and places to see so we couldn't stop too often.

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DCamp1287 said...

Pam & J the pictures are great I love keeping up with you guys as you go along. Just read about the bed bugs OH MY I would have just died. Keep the pics coming all of us in office cant wait to see more.