Friday, July 20, 2007

Drive to Yellowstone

Well here we are in Cody which is about 58 miles from Yellowstone.

The drive here was very nice. The scenery went from flat plains to crazy mountains (Big Horn Mountain)

This is a picture of a moose that we saw along the road. Hopefully we will see more and be able to get better pictures!

We are headed to our ranch we were are staying and I'm not sure if I will have internet but I will take lots of picture to post when I have internet again!!


Toni said...

July 21, Saturday
Hello Pamela: I just wanted to let you know that your blog is terrific. I'm making copies of it for grandma, and she's really getting a kick out of it. We're loving it and have been sharing it with our friends. It's like being a part of a big adventure. I can't wait to see Yellowstone. Love Ya! Toni : )

Lori said...

Onward and upward!! We can't wait for the next installment. Matt wants a good picture of a mountain goat next time. :)

Hamrick said...

Hi Pam and J: What a great trip. Thanks for taking us along. Love the pictures of the animals!