Monday, September 10, 2007

Paris Day 2, 9/6/07

On our 2nd daz in Paris we headed to Notre-Dame Cathedral which is sooo beautiful. The Cathedral in Covington, KY looks a lot like Notre-Dame.

After viewing the outside of the church and taking it all in we headed inside and saw the Nave and the Altar. The church has a lot of Gothic elements, especially the way it uses the light (coming from the stain glass windows) to show the grandure of the inside.

Next we went to the Louvre which is an impressive U-shaped palace and the largest museum int the Western world. We entered through the grand pyramid in the central courtyard. The contrast between the old palace and the new glass pzramid is an amazing thing to see. In the Louvre we saw, Venus de Milo, Winged Victory of Samothrace, the Italian Renissance paintings of Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael and Veronese to name a few..oh and we saw the Mona Lisa which was impressive-smaller than I thought but still very cool to see. The gallery that Mona Lisa is in seemed like a paparazzi frenzy..people everywhere, cameras flashing...

We left the Louvre and headed back to Nortre-Dame this time to wait in line to climb the dome. The dome has 400 winding and steep stairs to the top but the view was worth every ache that I would have the next day.
The view was so amazing, we could see it all, every building top, the Effiel Tower..

Paris is huge! The population is 11 million people in the city center 2,150,000 people live and it cover 40 square miles. It has the highest denisty of an European citzz and is 20 times more than NYC!

back to the view...From the top we were able to see the bored gargoyle that leans on his elbow and watches Paris (he is the most famous gargoyle) we were able to see different views of Notre-Dame and we were able to walk into the old bell tower I was looking for Hunchback of Notre-Dame but could not see him.

We nursed our aching legs at dinner across the street from last nights restraunt at La Varangue, a favorite for English speaking tourist.

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