Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Seattle: The Real Story

We drove from Montana all the way across Washington State with temps in the high 90's. As we approached Seattle the temp dropped down into the high 50's low 60's!! This is what the clouds looked liked around the Cascade Mountains. The clouds looked liked the actually "got stuck" on the mountains b/c it was clear, bright, and sunny on one side of the mountain and on the other side COLD and dark.

We drove into Seattle the next morning (Monday 7/30) after staying the night at a Days Inn about 30 minutes outside the city. We waited till about 10am to drive into the City and missed the traffic! We checked into our hotel, The Moore Hotel, which had a great location. The Moore Hotel is awesome b/c it is very budget friendly, very young and hip people stay there and it has a great location ( 2nd ave- 1 block from Pike Place Market).

Seattle is really a Footie's dream come true and since I am totally a foodie--I found my place at Pike Place Market. Pike Place Market (imagine Findlay Market on steroids) was created to appease angry farmers in the early 1900's, a huge fire in the 1940's shut it down until the 1980's when Seattlities brought it back. Pike Place Market is known for the fishmongers hurling fishes. Sadly, we didn't see this taking place. But what we did see was a lot of food. J found his way to Piroshky, Piroshky, which serves Piroshkyi. Piroshki is a croissant-like dough that has different fillings baked into it. J's choice of piroshki was ham, cheese, spinach. HE LOVED IT!!! I went down the market road to Cinnamon Bakery and grabbed an iced pumpkin cookie--which was good but not as yummy as my sister's.
Pike Place Market sold everything--T-shirts to art. There was live music on the street and many cafes,bars and restaurants lined the allies and street ways. An amazing place to visit.
After our yummy adventure we decided to walk off our snack and head down to the man piers of Seattle. It was really cool b/c my first look into the water I saw a SEAL! He was too quick for me to get a picture but he was soooo cute just hanging out in the water being a seal.
We made our way to the The Seattle Center which includes the Space Needle. The Space Needle wasn't as tall as we expected it to be but still a pretty picture and fun to see. It was built in 1962 for the World's Fair and is 607ft.

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Toni said...

Seattle sounds like a really cool place to explore. It was on the food channel last night. (one of Rachael Ray's shows) What a difference being close to the coast makes. ( :