Thursday, August 2, 2007

Olympic National Park Day 2

Day 2 we headed to the Hoh Rain forest. The rain forest was very amazing to see. We went to 2 different areas--one area was super cold and the other area which was the actual Hoh rain forest was warm with lots of bugs. We hiked the Hall of Mosses Trail. The trees that we saw were very big! Sitka spruce, western hemlock, and western red cedar, measuring up to 25 feet in circumference with heights up to 300 feet.

This is a picture of a creek with moss and trees growing in it.

very tall trees.....

The rain forest floor is crowded so new seedlings sprout on fallen trees, called nurse logs. Old trees stand on huge roots called stilts where their nurse logs rot away. Here is an example of an old tree with the nurse log underneath. It is very cool to see.

Tomorrow we are headed to the Pacific Beaches and then down to Portland.


Toni said...

This is a place lost in time. It looks unique and beautiful. Love the blog! ( :

Shelly said...

GORGEOUS!! and I had no idea we even had a rain forest in the states?! Got your post card... Look forward to getting together and seeing more pictures!