Thursday, July 19, 2007

Rapid City

While we were waiting for J's glasses we stopped in at Old Navy to buy two things that J forgot (he is on a roll!) and then decided to go to downtown Rapid City.

This is the soup that I ate. Gorgonzola Ale soup, even J tried a bite, mainly b/c it is beer and cheese!

J enjoying his Brown Cow Ale, "brewed with a small amount of lightly roasted barley which gives the ale its rich dark color. Mount Hood and Wilamette hops provide aroma and bitterness."

The inside of this charming and yummy restaurant.


Onwards to the Black Hills......


DCamp1287 said...

Pam love the pictures you are leaving, me, Shelly and Bonnie look for them. Hope you guys are having fun.

Shelly said...

What a great commentary you'll be out friday (finally moving out of house) so I look forward to everything that happens between now and monday! Good luck J. ;)

Hamrick said...

It feels like we are on the trip with you. I love the animals!!!

limeq said...

Hello I am Andrea's dad and she told me you were taking a trip out West. Today she pointed me to your Blog because of the pictures. I feel like I am back out there again for the 4th time. The last time was with Andrea and her siblings. If you can turn south to Devils Tower, WY you are in for a treat including the Prairie Dog town. I think it is about 125 miles away from Rapid City.