Thursday, July 19, 2007

Animals of the Blackhills

My new favorite hobby on this trip is wildlife viewing. I have turned into one of those annoying people that stops their car (sometimes in the road) to take a picture or look at an animal. I have these great (Target) binoculars that allow me to see the animals....

I have a rule that I will not intrude or be disrespectful to an animal to get a picture, meaning that I won't get up in its face ( I remain at least 10 feet away maybe more) and I won't create noises so it will look at me. I am just an observer.

Pronghorn antelope. This is the first time I've ever seen antelope and it was exciting. The antelopes are everywhere, much like deer.

If you look really close (and I mean really close) you can see a Big Horn Sheep, it was too quick for me but hopefully I will see some more!

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