Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Grand Tetons Day 1 (7/23)

To get to the Grand Tetons we drove through the South Entrance of Yellowstone and almost immediately we were in the park.

The Grand Tetons are amazing. In case you don't know what the Grand Tetons are they are a series of mountains. The name "Grand Tetons" come from the French Trappers that dubbed the three main peaks-South Teton, Grand Teton, and Middle Teton "les trois tetons," meaning "the three breast."

After checking into our hotel we decided to check out Jackson, WY which is a very cute little mountain town. Its very upscale, artsy but remains rustic and down to earth with yummy restaurants.

We ate at "Merry Piglet's Mexican Grill" I got the fish tacos and they were very yummy!

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Rich Vos said...

so you go to wyoming to eat mexican food? I'm not sure that fits very well.....