Sunday, March 30, 2008

Watch and Discuss

Friday night the remote wasn't working and instead of walking over the TV and changing the channel I watched VH1's greatest songs of the 90s.

Here is their Top 10:
01. Nirvana "Smells Like Teen Spirit"
02. U2 "One"
03. Backstreet Boys "I Want It That Way"
04. Whitney Houston "I Will Always Love You"
05. Madonna "Vogue"
06. Sir Mix-A-Lot "Baby Got Back"
07. Britney Spears "...Baby One More Time"
08. TLC"Waterfalls"
09. R.E.M. "Losing My Religion"
10. Sinéad O'Connor "Nothing Compares 2 U"

So, in honor of the special it's been a 90s themed weekend. I've been listening to "Nothing Compares 2 U" and J is going to leave me if I play it again.

What do you think of the TOP 10?
Click here for the complete list.

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