Saturday, February 16, 2008

40 degrees and Vampire weekend

I didn't really post too often during January because I didn't really do too much. Its been very cold and snowy so my life has consisted of staying warm, watching movies and going to work.

Today it was almost 40 degrees and sunny! Hot Damn! So, in celebration we went out to breakfast (not that I need a reason to go out to breakfast). We also semi-explored Logan Square, a neighborhood outside of Wicker Park that has cheap rent, but the exploring ending up being going to the Gap Outlet and buying clothes, which is a plus for moving to that neighborhood if we do!
We went to Reckless Records, in Wicker Park, to get the new Vampire Weekend CD. Ronson went to see them in Ciny last week, Check it out here. It a really good CD. I would write a review but instead click here to read Pitchfork Media's review.

Sadly, the weather isn't going to stay warm, the cold is coming back tomorrow but after today I'm super excited for Chicago in the I'm going to go sit by the window and bask in the rest of the day's sun!


Amy said...

brrr!!! Why couldn't any of my sister's move to Key West???

How is Roscoe? You haven't posted any pictures of him lately... shameful.. Does he have a sibling yet?

Ronson said...

Hey, thanks for the shout! Yeah, it was a good show - I love Reckless Records! Best record store in Chicago in my opinion...

It's definitely a good disc - love Oxford Comma and Walcott. Are you/did you see them? I'd imagine it being even crazier than it was in Cincy...

Glad to see you posting again!
...well kinda posting. :)