Monday, December 17, 2007

Home for the Holidays

J and I came home a little early because of the huge storms that were hitting. We didn't want to get stuck in Chicago b/c of the snow.

I haven't really been doing anything that interesting. I've been trying some new recipes out, some were a hit and I think most were a miss.

I've also gearing up for the Golden Globes and trying to see all the movies that got nods..which is a hard task but a fun one too. As long as I get to see the movies that have been nominated for Best Picture I'll be okay.

I'm also working on updating my Ipod. I'm borrowing some CDs and trying to get a lot of music on it.

Other than that nothing new is happening. I'm trying to figure out where we should go on New Year's (we'll be in Chicago!)...

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