Sunday, November 11, 2007

Winter Coat

After searching forever and the looming cold approaching I headed downtown to Macy's. First, Macy's downtown is pretty cool b/c its about 7 floors of shopping, I made it 4 of them. While I was there Martha Stewart was going to be appearing to "light" their 70 something foot Christmas tree. I didn't hang around b/c I had a date with Potbelly.

The coat is a DKNY coat, style Bette, "wool-cashmere blend fashions a duffle coat with incredibly soft faux fur trim along collar with detachable hood and ear flaps"
its 70% wool blended with a lot of other stuff.

The best part of the coat is that it was originally $325 but because I shopped the Veteran's Day sale I got it for like 40% off paying about $195. Much cheaper than I thought I would pay for a good winter coat.

I'm ready for the cold...(well almost I need a hat and gloves!)


Anonymous said...

i think i need one too:-p

Kari said...

Ohh maybe we can find you a hat and gloves at H&M!!

Rich Vos said...

show us pictures of your apartment and neighborhood!

Lori said...

Love the coat! Send pics of your apartment and street! Love you lots!