Monday, September 10, 2007

Gimmelwald Day 1 (9/9/07)

We left Paris and headed to Gimmelwald. It was a very long 6 hour train ride. We barley made our train and did not have time to get breakfast so J went into the food car and bought some weird ham was gross (even J thought so)

By the time we arrived in Lauterbrunnen we were tired and hungry so we grabbed some lunch at a restraunt with an amazing view of the Alps before we headed to Gimmelwald.

We took a bus that took us to the gondola (the lifts that look like car but uses wires between places). I was expecting it to be verz scary and go super high but it was not bad at all. Even if it was scary it would of been worth is b/c Gimmelwald is amazing. Our B&B is comfy and homy and we can look out the window and see the Alps in every direction. This was the prefect place to rest and inhale the Alps.

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