Friday, August 10, 2007

Viva Las Vegas

Thursday night we got dressed in our best and headed to Emeril's New Orleans Fish House
Las Vegas and Amy said "was a great dining experience."

Here is the Fam: (from Left to Right) Rich, Amy, J, me, Lori and Matt

The sisters outside of Emeril's..

For Dinner I had:
For my Cold Starter: Tempura Fried Sushi Salmon Roll With Spicy Cucumber Salad and Cilantro Crème Fraìche
For my entree:
Lobster Bienville Two Pound Maine Lobster stuffed with House Cured Bacon, Aromatic Vegetables and Spinach in a Rich Velouté Sauce (pictured below)

not that there was any room left but for dessert I had to try: sweet potato bread pudding.
It was yum yum yummy!

We were so stuffed we weren't able to go out afterwards so we went home put our PJs on and headed to BED!!!

The next day (Friday) we got up and after a couple of hours we were hungry so we headed to Toby Keith's I love this Bar and Grill and Amy and I spilt a fried bologna was yummy!!


Toni said...

That's some slice of bologna!

Toni said...

You look so glamourous. This is the way to cut loose and have some fun!

Kari said...

You guys all look so cute and glam!

Shelly said...

WHAT A LOBSTER!!..I can't believe after you saw it - you ate it, even I would have got the willies over that! But how EXCITING to be trying all these restaurants!!...oooh lala :)