Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Grand Canyon Saturday (8/11)

Saturday we arrived at the Grand Canyon and didn't have much time so we started right away! We headed to the popular South Rim where the views are amazing. The Grand Canyon has some of the nation's cleanest air, with visibility averaging 90 to 110 miles which is helpful b/c the canyon is about 277 miles long!

A little history of the Grand Canyon: Rocks at the bottom of the Grand Canyon date back 1.8 billion years and even though geologists don't know exactly how the river was formed most agree that it was formed in the last 5 million years.

Amy, Rich and J were very brave and climbed out a ledge to get a better view. I had flip flops on at the time and decided I didn't want to fall off and die!

This was Rich's 3rd time to the Grand Canyon and he really wanted to go hiking so I changed into my tennis shoes and we started off on The Bright Angel Trail.
The Bright Angel Trail zigzags 8 miles and 4,4460 ft down to the river. It is an overnight backpackers trip but we did about 3 miles of the hike and it was hard but well worth it. The hardest part was coming back up!

This is looking down at the trail that we were just on!

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