Thursday, August 16, 2007

3rd Stop in The Colorado Plateau: Capitol Reef

Capitol Reef's defining feature is the Waterpocket Fold which geologist know as one of the largest and best exposed monoclines of the North American continent. (sorry no picture). Other than the Waterpocket Fold, Capitol Reed is beautiful with a lush valley caught between canyons.

Another cool things about Capitol Reef is that there are peroglyphs visible on the canyon walls. Sadly, my camera didn't really capture them well.

Fremont Indians pecked into the cliff large humanlike figures in headdresses. The origin of these Indian farmers about A.D. 600 and their disappearance 6 centuries later are still a mystery. Early settlers found what appeared to be remnants of their irrigation ditches, granaries and pithouses. (From National Geographic)

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Shelly said...

WOW!! Those were really COOL!..hopefully I can finish watching your trip, well I know I can finish watching on Deb's comp.
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