Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Missouri Valley, Iowa

Contrary to the previous post we did not leave early in the morning today...

instead we left at noon!

so, we've been driving and driving and then driving some more.

Nothing too cool happened today, except I helped a Veteran fold an American flag at a rest area (Sadly I didn't get a picture!)

So it is 1am here in Iowa and we have 400 miles (close to 7 hours) left before we arrive at the Badlands and yes we will be getting up early to finish!

Lucky for us we are staying at a Super 8 with high-speed internet and breakfast in the morning!

Tomorrow I will have pictures!


Hamrick said...

Wake up! Wake up!

Kari said...

Oh, good ole Iowa. Sounds like you're having fun - hope breakfast was yummy!

Arnice said...

Hey PIC,

I miss you much! But I do hope that you are having a great time. Watch out for DEER.


Rich Vos said...

That's really fun!! That's cool you helped fold that flag, not many people get to do that. Onward to the badlands!!!

the woman said...

Hey, Pam, It sounds like you are really having fun. this is kinda like I am there along side of you, viritually of course. Keep the pictures comming.