Monday, July 23, 2007

Day 3 Yellowstone (7/22) Old Faithful

When we arrived at Old Faithful I think everyone in the park and then some were waiting for Old Faithful.
It was 1:30 when we arrived and Old Faithful wasn't supposed to erupt until 2:15 so we decided to head on down the walking path to see some other geysers.

We decided to escape the crowds so we hiked 1/2 mile (up hill-200 feet) to see Old Faithful when it erupted.
Every shin pain that I received was so worth it b/c it was an amazing view away from the crowds.

After we saw Old Faithful we hiked to Lonesome Geyser where we were able to see another eruption, although it was
much smaller in scale it was still very cool to see. Plus, J and I were the only people for miles so it was a very
pristine moment- and then the steam engulfed us and we had to move away very quickly!!!!

After Old Faithful we headed North to the Midway Geyser Basin where the Grand Prismatic Spring is. The Grand Prismatic Spring was J's favorite spring and after I saw it I understood why.
Here are some other Hot Springs from the same boardwalk:

After we were finished we head to West Yellowstone had a quick dinner at Timberline Cafe, where I succumbed to the
pressure and had bison meatloaf-pretty yummy....

After dinner we went back into the park and spent some time wildlife viewing BUT you'll have to read that under
the blog post :Animals of Yellowstone =)

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